George WORGAN 1885 - 1961 (General)

by Nick Dub @, Monday, April 10, 2023, 14:12 (435 days ago) @ slowhands

Yep, that's my mother's family
My grandfather George Worgan was living in Cinderford, working as a miner when he joined up in 1915
He was blinded in January 1917 from a shrapnel wound at Ypres
He came back to Cinderford via Soudley and was set up in a mat-making shop by St Dunstan's in Commercial St, opposite the Soldiers and Sailors club in 1918.

I mentioned the Roberts family of Cinderford in a previous post on here in an effort to make a guess at which colliery my grandfather was working at in 1911.

Can't be sure, but Lightmoor looks the most likely, as that was where some of the Roberts boys worked.

My mother mentions Mrs Roberts in her book as the local mid-wife and nurse for Cinderford. Whether she knew that her family had lodged with the Roberts's in Belle Vue Road before she was born, I don't know.

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