Croft Worgan DEW Yorkshire to Poolway House 1828 - 1889 (General)

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By an interesting coincidence, the local newspaper recently had a small feature about Poolway House, because it was up for sale once again. It's likely that this webpage won't be visible for much longer, so here's the text of the article, brief as it is. There are also a few photos of the property.

"This 16th century “gem” for sale was once the Manor House of the town - and offered shelter to royals during the English Civil War.

Poolway House, in Coleford, is Grade II listed and thought to date back to 1520, having once been the Manor House of Coleford, the administrative centre of the community.

The house ia said to have been heavily involved in the Civil War of the 1600s, and in 1643 its owner - Charles Winter, a Parliamentary supporter - was reportedly taken prisoner in his own home by Prince Rupert and Lord Herbert of Raglan, who were Cavaliers.

The capture caused a “noisy skirmish” in Coleford, resulting in the burning of the market hall. Poolway House was then captured by Sir John Winter of Lydney, Lord Herbert’s cousin."

My web search today shows Poolway House is still on the market, so the estate agent's adverts carrying a very full description and several photos can be readily-found by searching online, as can details of the House wrt it's Grade II listing on the Historic England website .

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