Richard & Eliza Watkins / Isaiah & Sarah AnnWatkins of Bream (General)

by MPGriffiths @, Monday, February 26, 2024, 10:53 (50 days ago) @ JonBerry

If you Google

Lloyd George Land Survey Finance Act (1909-10)

Press on Search

Go the the heading:

Search by surname or company name and enter WATKINS

List of WATKINS appear.....

You will find WATKINS, Isaiah

NEWLAND, builidng land, Lydney Road, Bream (GA/D2428/1/2,1230

NEWLAND, tenement, Lydney Road, Bream, GA/D2428/23/2,1227


When you click on these two headings up comes this info 0


Place: Newland
Income tax parish: Coleford

Occupied by: WATKINS, Isiah (M)

People holding property:

WATKINS, Isiah, Bream (M) Owner

Owner Occupied

Property: Description : Buildings

Poor Rate

Number: 513
Gross Value : 5s
Rateable Value 5s

Description: Land
Address: Lydney Road, Bream

Map reference: 39.13 T (tried opening this on the map section, at the moment doesn't seem to want to open)

Gross Value: £211
Site Value : £187
Tithe: £1
Agricultural Value : £210

Buildings: £20
Fruit £4
Taxable Value £186

Poor Rate:

Number : 512
Gross Value £4.14s
Rateable Value £4.3s


The second Hereditament Number : 1227 - this a map reference of 47.1F

See if this comes up on the maps (which is the the heading)

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