Richard & Eliza Watkins / Isaiah & Sarah AnnWatkins of Bream (General)

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In 1873 Robert Richards aged 24 Miner living in Lydney Lane, father Oliver Richards a Haulier, married Sarah Watkins aged 19, also living in Lydney Lane, father Richard Watkins a Collier.

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A Richard Watkins in 1872 born 1843 is listed in the Freeminers register on the site residence Bream.

Google Books

Richard Watkins Bream

Geological Survey of Great Britain 1879

Forest of Dean

4. Forget-me-Not. Bream

J W Blanch in one column and in the next Richard Watkins (appears to be mining Iron).

I can see a snippet on Google Books written by Cyril E Hart in 1971 which says ‘while Henry Crawshay had built Cinderford, Richard Watkins had built Bream. The family owned several iron ore mines.

On Google Books in 1884

R Watkins in Bream has

Bow Pit, Crows Nest and New Dun Pit

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