Research in Ecclesiastical Court Records / North family (General)

by jkhouser84, Monday, April 08, 2024, 03:14 (66 days ago)

I recently read a fascinating article, "Wicked Instigations of the Devil: Steve Ward Asks: Was your ancestor a victim of the bawdy courts" in Internet Genealogy (back issue of Dec/Jan 2021). In the article, Mr. Ward discusses his research in the records of the ecclesiastical court of Gloucester relative to a relative of his who fathered children out of wedlock in the early 1800s. He found relevant information in the "Instance and Causes Book."

Has anyone researched these records which, I understand are located in the Gloucester Archive? I believe that they are catalogued with the Gloucester Diocesan Records.

I would be interested in any advice on how to request a search of these records for a specific person - whether from the archive or by hiring a researcher.

My 5th great grandmother, Elizabeth North (1778-late 1850s) was baptized in Newent and had three children born out of wedlock: Hannah North (baptized and buried in Newent in 1795), Philip North (baptized in Newent in 1799) and Joseph (baptized in Linton by Ross in 1803). Elizabeth married Thomas Huggins in 1804 in Linton by Ross, and they had four more sons. The family joined the Gorsley Baptist Church in the early 1830s. Joseph North [my 4th great grandfather] immigrated to the USA in 1832 and settled in Pennsylvania, and his mother, stepfather, and brother immigrated to the USA in 1842 and also settled in Pennsylvania. I am hopeful that these records may help me to identify the father of one or more of the children.

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