Research in Overseers Records / NORTH family (General)

by slowhands @, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Monday, April 08, 2024, 15:54 (65 days ago) @ jkhouser84

I suspect that you need to search the Overseers and Bastardy records at Gloucestershire Archives -
The overseers were responsible for identifying the fathers of illegitimate children who became a financial burden on the parish, so they could contribute towards costs. There can be an examination of the child’s mother to encourage her to name the father and a bond against the father committing him to provide financial support

my quick online search didn't identify anything related however its worth you having a look and ordering a copy of any relevant info. Example Thomas NORTH 1733 Bulley FoD

h t t p://ww3.gloucestershire DOT gov DOT uk/genealogy/Search.aspx

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