John GARDYNER, 1705 Dixton ? (General)

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Not sure if this helps!!!

On Amazon

'The History of the Gardiners of Whitchurch: Volumes 1 and 2.

Paperback - 22 November 2019 by Dr David James Favager (Author)

This paperback edition of the History of the GARDINERS OF WHITCHURCH includes both volumes originally published as Kindle ebooks. Volume 1 covers the origins of the family in the Wye Valley from the seventeenth century to early years of the nineteenth century.

The focus is on the patriarch of the family, EDWARD, his father (also EDWARD) and grandfather (GILES) his wives and his numerous legitimate and illegitimate children including two published authors, William and Captain Henry Gardiner, who lived at the Old Mill in Goodrich.

Volume 2 continues the story of the family from the early nineteenth to the mid twentieth century etc, etc,

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