John GARDYNER, 1705 Dixton ? (General)

by ipmp @, Brisbane, Australia, Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 06:02 (35 days ago) @ slowhands

Since responding to your message earlier I have had another look at a tree on Ancestry which has several Gardiner lines including the line that includes the John Gardyner who is the subject of my enquiry. Unfortunately I can't attach the screenshot to the forum so I will describe what I have found. The tree shows John with an unsourced baptism date of around 1710. All the other children (John's 'siblings') have baptism records in the database. His parents in this tree are John (1664) and Elizabeth (1666). In this tree they have 6 children, the last of whom is John. One of their daughters was named Joanna (1690). I am wondering if perhaps this Joanna is the same Jona who appears as the mother of John 1705 in Dixton? If it is her, she would have been about 15 years at John's birth and not married it seems, so it is a possibility that Joanna and her child John may have resided with her parents. In this scenario John would be John and Elizabeth's grandson and not their son. The baptisms of their children are: 1687, 1690, 1696, 1700, 1702. With such a long break between 1702 and 1710 (which was probably an estimated date given in the tree) it just seems not quite right that John and Elizabeth were the parents, especially given there is no 1710 baptism record but there are records for all the other children.

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