Charles Nelmes 1828-? (General)

by tuthill @, Sunday, May 07, 2017, 08:11 (1161 days ago)

Charles Nelmes who was bapt in Slimbridge, Gloucs in 1828 later lived in Lydney with his wife Hester. In the 1861 Census for Lydney, Charles and Hester were living in Newerne, Lydney.However in the 1871 Census Charles was no longer included and Hester was by now a Widow.
The problem I am having is that there does not appear to be any record of Charles's burial either in Lydney or elsewhere,that includes a thorough search made on
I have been considering the possibility that he may have been drowned in the River Severn and the body was never recovered,a bit desperate I know but I would very much like to know what became of him. Does anyone have any ideas?

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