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by slowhands, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Monday, July 29, 2013, 07:42 (2681 days ago) @ pojames

Thanks for another informative post, as always, Jefff. I've printed it off to go away and study it !

But yes, I am aware that the England / Wales border has been a matter of dispute over the years; and the county borders even now keep on changing (Yorkshire / East Riding / Humberside / Cleveland etc !).

And I noticed a Roman Road on the map, running more or less straight through the middle of the Forest the other day, and wondered if that was for 'border patrols', in the same away as there were Roman roads just the English side of Hadrian's Wall ?

There may even be a section on this site for Romans In The Forest, but I haven't yet seen it. Shall look. They of course were always keen on their mining - metals being their main justification for occupying the country, along with 'slaves and hunting dogs' I seem to remember !

Thanks again - and for the links, which I shall pursue at leisure.

Again the guidelines might help http://www.forum.forest-of-dean.net/index.php?mode=entry&id=40313

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