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On the Christchurch church website ( it says that after 1967 burials took place at Mile End Cemetery. It doesn't say 'all' burials took place there but clearly some did so your grandfather might be buried there rather than at Christchurch.

The website also mentions a survey was taken of all the headstones at Christchurch in 1991 but it doesn't say where that information now is.

Regarding the survey, I'd suggest contacting Christchurch itself using their website.

In theory our FoD FH website includes PRs for Burials that took place over 30 years ago, so 1984 just falls within that timescale. However my own searches suggest the PRs only include Burials at Christchurch upto the 1950s or so. Hence like PRobinson I doubt anyone buried in 1984 were interred at Christchurch even if the funeral took place there. (This page confirms this )

Mile End Cemetery is a local council cemtery near Coleford hence Christchurch. It was founded in 1967, presumably at much the same time as Yew Tree Brake Cemetery was at Cinderford on the other side of the Forest. # These are the only council cemeteries in the Forest.

See this website for Mile End cemetery, it discusses the availability of burial records. Be warned the link to the Council website is broken.

Burials records for both can be made via the Council website, altho my own occasional visits show this site's search engine can occasionally give errors presumably because of errors when entering records into the site's database. Hence it might be worth enquiring at the Council office in Coleford. I find the relevant Council webpages have been recently revamped, the last time I used it the burial records were held at Cinderford, but now it's at Coleford.

The Burial Register search engine can be found here

It only lists these two DELANEY / DELANY records, which may possibly be relevant;

Cemetery: Yew Tree
Grave Ref: A327
Name: DELANEY, Ivy Kathleen
Age: 80
Address: 5 The Purples, Coalway, Coleford, Glos
Note: Ashes - See record 3625 also - Purchased - Mr E Delaney - 22.2.02
Date of Death: 12-Jan-02
Date of Burial:
Place of Death: The Coombs Nursing Home, Sparrow Hill, Coleford
Officiating Minister: No Minister

Cemetery: Yew Tree
Grave Ref: A328
Name: DELANEY, Ernest William
Age: 91 years
Address: The Elms Nursing Home, Coleford, Glos
Note: Purchased A327 & A328 - See record 3624 also Interment of Ashes
Date of Death: 04-Nov-08
Date of Burial:
Place of Death: Home Address
Officiating Minister: A De Witt

# UPDATE: The British History site states
"To meet a shortage of burial places within the Forest the East Dean rural district council opened a cemetery on the road from Cinderford to the Speech House in 1956, and the West Dean district council a cemetery at Mile End for an area covering Milkwall, Berry Hill, and Lydbrook in 1967."

This statement seems odd to me... surely Coleford residents may be buried there too ??, especially as Coleford is the largest town in the western Forest, comparable in size to Cinderford in the east. Or does this mean Coleford burials are elsewhere, Monmouth or Lydney perhaps ???.


UPDATE EDIT, 1st Nov 2017.
Apologies for incorrectly believing that Mile End was the only Council-run cemetery in the Coleford area, I didn't know there was another within Coleford itself.
Please see this later thread,
Thanks Mike Shepway for clarifying this.

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