Alec Hopson (General)

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From Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 21 August 1926

Also similar in Gloucester Journal - Saturday 14 August 1926

"INTIMIDATING MINERS. Prosecution Follows a Scene at Cincferford. Defendants Convicted at Littledean. Eleven colliers, all of Cinderford. and two wives of colliers, were summoned under the Trades Disputes Act for besetting James Hill, Littledeau Petty Sessions on Friday, before Major Peuberthy and other 'magistrates. The defendants were Win. Butt, Jack Harris. Harry Watkins, Edgar Watkins, Edwin F. J. Hopson, Harold Rudge, Alexander Hopson, Richard "Worgan, John Jones, William Cook, Reginald Worgan, Chlotida Bullock, and Ivy Adams. The court was crowded, and many were unable to obtain admittance. Mr. Harold Langley-Smith (Gloucester), appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. G. A. Slade, barrister-at-law. London, instructed by Mr. G. Frevor Wellington, Gloucester, for the defence. The date of the alleged offence was July 26th. Mr. Langley-Smith stated that about 50 or 60 persons assembled near Hill's house in Valley-road, Cinderford. Later, as many of the defendants possible got into the kitching. The solicitor detailed the conversation alleged to have taken place, in which the name "blackleg" was used. James Hill, collier, said he resumed work at Eastern United Colliery on July 22nd. Four days later, he was approaching his house, he saw lot of people about. A police-sergeant made a way for him and told him to home. After the police left he received a message, and a result he went into the back kitching. Butt, Harris, Harry Watkins. Fred Hopson, Rudge, Edgar Watkins. Cook, Alec Hopson, Jones, Reg Worgan and Dick Worgan gathered there. was asked if he was going to work any more, and he. said, Yes." Harris said, Well, we shall have to try some other method to stop you." Butt said witness wanted chucking in the brook." Persuaded by his landlady and his wife, he stayed away from work till Tuesday after Bank Holiday, and he had had to leave the house. The crowd shouted, "Blackleg." Evidence was also given by Mrs. Florence Rulli Hill, PS. Bullock, and S Bull. Mr. Slade then called Harry Watkins, one of the defendants, who said they were not lying in wait for Hill the Monday Witness intended to and fetch some tools, and had no intention of besetting Hill. Hill asked him to go into the back kitching. They were talking about why he went back to work instead of staying with his comrades in the struggle. The conversation was perfectly friendly. There were about 50 others there, including all the defendants except Butt, Harris, and Edgar Watkins. It was absolutely untrue to say that any threats were used. Edgar Watkins said he was not at the cross-roads, nor was he the wash-house at. all. The magistrates dismissed the case against Edgar Watkins and bound the other defendants over in £10 and one surety of £10 for 12 months. They also ordered the court fees and something towards the cost of the prosecution be paid, amounting in all £24 18s.. which meant that the twelve defendants paid £2 Is. 6d. each. Ivy Adams, Commercial-street, Cinderford, was also summoned for intimidating Florence R. Hill; and William Butt, Woodside-street. Cinderford; Jack Harris, Hawkwell-row; Harry Watkins, Valley-road; and Alexander Hopson, Valley-road, were summoned for intimidating James Hill. Each of the defendents was fined £2 for intimidation."

NOTE for ADMIN. This post was prevented due to the word which describes the room of a house used for cooking ????? Hence my deliberate mispelling of the word as 'kitching'.


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