Alec Hopson, miner 1930s, but where ?? (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 00:32 (167 days ago) @ sherriebaby63

You're very welcome Sherrie, glad to have helped in some small way - I realised you'd know the dates n places but I posted it to try to guide other forum users as your initial post was a bit minimalist. Yes the old newspapers can be very rewarding indeed, especially for mentions of sportsmen, I recommend you search the BNA site yourself, by local standards Hopson is a very rare surname indeed so should be easy to find your relatives if they're there.

My Dad was an asthma sufferer as a kid near Lydbrook in the 30s, when he got old enough to work his mum took exactly the same stance as your Alec did, she'd seen the damage the pits did to her husband's health (lungs) and her brothers too, and refused to let her only son go down the pit as well. Mind you desoite living a healthy clean life he still died relatively young, brain cancer, but his mum never knew that thanks goodness.

I still recommend you contact the Heritage Museum in case they have records for Eastern United.

Good luck, J.

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