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I can remember my Dad being called a 'Blackleg' because he walked through the picket lines - but with 4 kids to feed he had no option.


The event in 1926 was not long after the 12 day General Strike by the coalminers.


There is an interesting project here involving the list of other Miners involved - for example

William BUTT

His death 12 November 1955 - Address: Forest Road born 1879

There is a Public members Tree on Ancestry which includes his WW1 records - address, Forest Road, he was a Collier, but wanted to became an R E Tunneller.


Chlotida BULLOCK is listed on Ancestry as living in Market Street, Cinderford 1957

On the 1939 Register, her name has sticky tape over it, and is transcribed as Chlolda (born 9 July 1883) - and is living in Market Street, Cinderford. Her husband, William BULLOCK, born 20 August 1778 is a Colliery Roadman Underground. Again living in Market Street.

Along with them is their Son, Ronald, born 1918 - his baptism is on this website - 10 March 1918 - parents William , occupation: Collier .... & Clotilda (Ronald's mother's maiden name: STERRY) whom he married in 1901 Westbury on Severn Register Office (Christian name spelt as Chlotilda)

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