Morgan Origins (General)

by Carmel Boyle @, Thursday, September 22, 2005, 07:41 (6874 days ago) @ David Morgan

My great grandmother's name was Lucy Watts (born about 1855) her father John Watts operated a Pottery in Whitecliff, Gloucester, around 1840 onwards. His father, also John, operated the pottery before that date. The pottery continued in operation until about 1880 or thereabouts. Lucy's parents were John Watts and Eliza Morgan. Eliza was born about 1819 and her parents were Richard and Sarah Morgan (I think). They had several other children. I live in Australia so cannot join your Society but would be interested to hear from anyone who thinks they might be related to me. I have found it very difficult to access birth records from Newland and therefore cannot be absolutely sure of dates, I only have Census records to go by. My father's and my grandfather's second christian name was Morgan.

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