Morgan Origins- an opinion (General)

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My dad did tell me that Morgan means " by the sea " Is that true?

"Welsh Surnames", T. J. Morgan and Prys Morgan, University of Wales Press, 1985.

Dr. Prys Morgan warns of the dangers inherent in explaining the meaning of a name which was probably in use for many centuries before the time of the first surviving Welsh manuscripts but it is safe to say that his opinion must hold great weight.

The elements of Morgan can be seen in the earliest spelling of Morcant ( Old Welsh). 'Mor' is probably from the Welsh word Mawr 'great' and 'cant' is 'hundred' with a secondary meaning of 'herd' or 'throng'. Hyddgant became Hyddgan, which means a herd of deer. The same elements differently mixed up can be seen in the names Morien, Morfudd and Gwygant or Gwrgan (this gives rise to Worgan and Wargent and other names). 'Great throng' with the suggestion of battle throng, seems to be a typical wishful name to give to a boy.

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