Journal of Alfred HARRIS, 1839 Whitecroft (General)

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prior mention

23.2.1886. William SMITH, schoolmaster, Board School, Pillowell, was killed.
6.8.1873. Nancy BULLEY of Whitecroft, died at the Grove Engin.
30.8.1873. George LEA was killed at Holmes Level.
1.9.1873. Charles JONES of Little Dean was killed by trams at Parkend.
Sept., 1873. John SAUNDERS of Whitecroft sent to prison for one month.
11.12.1869. Phillip PHIPPS's wife died , Whitecroft.
22.12.1869. Fred SMITH, Whitecroft, died.
Feb.1869. J or S. PAGE, St. Briavels, murdered his wife.
14.11.1871. Jackey TUCKER, the Navvy, fell down Brunswick Pit at Moseley Green.
7.12.1871. Will HYATT had legs and one hand cut off at Fancy Branch.
14.12.1871. Mrs. Richard WILDEN, Breamcross Farm, a daughter born.
Nov 1869. George PEABODY died.
Nov 1869. Clearwell hospital opened.
Oct 1873. Richard THOMAS, Breams Eaves, died.
Nov 1873. Joseph PREEST died.
16.11.1873. James WINTLE, Fancy Pit, died.
15.11.1873. Miss MORSE died.
17.11.1873. Harry ADDIS married Gidds ? PAUL.
14.3.1879. Masons Arms, Bream, owned by Jack PHIPPS was sold.
17.7.1889. Mat Morgan WHITE killed at Buckspool.
17.5.1869. Elias MORGAN lost his watch !!
4.12.1888. Jack HOMLES, Tom EVANS, Jack WILLET, were suffocated at PillsWell Level.
22.11.1888. Christiana LEWIS fell in Bay Brook and died.
Oct 1871. Jack CROCKET, Yorkley, died.
3.10.1871. Ted BROWN went to Durham.
8.9.1871. Colliers at Fancy Pit and Parkend on strike.
17.10.1871. Old Tom SKUFLOR, Whitecroft, died.
24.10.1871. Sharlot TOBEY jailed for stealing coal.
5.11.1871. Bentley DUFTY, Breams Eaves, died.
1872. A very wet year !!
1838. Great Western opened.
1867. Dr. TEAGUE, Coroner, died.
1866. Lydney School opened.
1862. Edward MEACHER esquire, died.
1870. Superintendent CHIPP appointed to Coleford.
6.9.1905. Ann HEWETT, New Inn, Bream, died.
10.4.1902. Ted Charles GLOVEY, was buried.
23.1.1872. William DOBS died at Tail of Pool.
1872. Mr. BATHWIST'S house at Lydney demolished.
1872. Furnace Works bought Parkend Tin Works.
1872. Henry PHILLIPS left the brewery.
23.3.1872. Amy BAILEY , Yorkley, died. Widow of late Thomas BAILEY.
11.3.1873. Thomas JONES BONNEY married.
8.11.1867. Explosion and fire at Ferndale Colliery, Rhondda. 160 dead.
23.11.1867. Allen GOULD and LARKINS hanged at Manchester.
25.4.1867. Viney Hill church opened.
27.4.1867. Elizabeth WILDING died.
20.2.1867. Manuel NESBIN killed.
20.3.1868. Phoebe WILDING died.
4.5.1865. Persilla LEWIS died.
27.5.1868. Nancy JAMES, Parkend, died.
25.12.1871. Christmas Day - rained all day !
17.12.1871. Richard SKINNER died.
10.12.1871. Frederick JONES, who murdered his sweetheart,Emley GARDNER, was hung at Glos Tannery.
Jan 1872. Tom NELMS lost his boy.
21.9.1867. Richard PHILLIPS was killed at Parkend.
20.2.1868. Emanuel JAMES was killed at China Pit.
11.11.1867. Joseph SHOVEL was killed at Fancy Branch.
28.9.1867. Elizabeth WINTLE died.
12.1.1874. E.C.BUTT, Edwin BAILEY and Ann Burny were executed at Glos Jail for murder.
17.10.1879. The Severn Bridge was opened amidst flag waving and cannon fire.
There were river excursions to see the bridge. On the hillside were
swing boats, merry go rounds, shooting galleries etc. Bridge was
completed within 4 years at cost of £ 200,000.
30.8.1882. Benjamin WINTLE of Whitecroft died.
31.1.1882. Sardham WINTLE, Whiecroft was married.
20.12.1881. James HOOK, Whitecroft, was jailed for stealing coal.
20.10.1879. 'Maid Maria' with 8 trucks of coal, went over the Severn Bridge for the very 1st time.
24.6.1871. George PRICE was killed at Fancy.
1871. Peslah ground for sale.
1871. Cooper Dicks ground behind the Row, Whitecroft, for sale.
18.7.1871. Will GESS'S father was killed.
July, 1871. Harry MADOX fell down Old Pit, Standfast.
13.8.1871. BEDMORE, Whitecroft, was buried.
May, 1915. Herbert NASH of Elwood was killed at Pillowell Colliery.
25.2.1878. Mary Ann SAUNDERS, Whitecroft, was buried.
15.2.1878. Elizabeth VENTER, Miners Arms, was buried.
25.12.1878. Will DAVIES, Wisler the Sloap. died.
25.6.1879. Will NUBBIN YEOMAN, Bream, died. (Yeoman could be occ')
20.5.1870. Tom BLANCH of Elwood, killed Lydney BEDSON.
23.5.1870. Harry DOGHOLE ? married Ruth HARRIS.
16.6.1870. Richard WINTOUR, Whitecroft, was married.
16.6.1870. Sarah PHILLIPS, Miners Arms, Whitecroft, was buried.
16.6.1870. Jane PRUCK, Whitecroft, died.
June,1870. John MORGAN, Pillowell, was fined 20 shillings for selling beer.
8.1.1870. William TOOSE, Whitecroft, died.
15.2.1870. Tom PREECE, Breams Eaves, died.
16.2.1870. William STOMPERS, Whitecroft, died.
16.2.1870. Jackey LEA, Mosley Green, died.
18.2.1870. John MORGAN, Yorkley, died

2.3.1870. Thomas WOOD, Whitecroft, was buried.
27.2.1870. William JAMES, Bunneyswood, was buried.
21.2.1870. Luke KEAR, Starvecrow, was killed at Parkend.
25.2.1870. Mrs. GWILLIAN, Moseley Green, died.
10.3.1870. Charles JAMES, Parkend, died.
-do- Skarlot TOY, Yorkley, died.
5.3.1870. Charles EBSWORTH, Parkend, died.
16.3.1870. Richard POWELL, Elwood, was killed.
5.4.1870. Tom BEACH, Whitecroft, fine 20 pounds for selling beer without a licence.
25.5.1870. Tom BEACH, Whitecroft, died.
8.4.1870. Charlot JONES, Doghole, Whitecroft, died.
9.4.1870. Mary BEACH, Whitecroft, died.
5.6.1870. Isaac ADMIRAL, Breams Eaves, died.
6.6.1870. Oliver RICHARDS, Whitecroft, died.
12.5.1870. Noley CLARK'S wife ran away.
5.2.1883. Charlot Gobey BEACH, Whitecroft, died.
7.2.1883. John COOK died.
9.2.1883. Frank HYATT killed at Portskewet tunnel.
14.2.1883. Tarl PRICE'S wife was buried with her two daughters.
7.11.1872. Taylor's Circus at Lydney.
30.7.1909. PEARL or PEART killed at Flour Mill Colliery.
2.9.1909. James EDWARDS,( tickle) killed at Flour Mill Colliery.
July, 1874. Telegraph and signal poles erected on Severn & Wey line.
1.8.1874. Tom EVERETT of Brains Green, killed at Fancy Pit.
29.7.1874. Tom JONES, Whitecroft, was burned to death.
18.1.1875. Fred LEWIS, Whitecroft, died.
1874/5. Miners strike, Forest of Dean, for 11 weeks, 3 days.
Ended on 27th January, 1875.

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