Journal of Alfred HARRIS, 1839 Whitecroft (latter parts - 2) (General)

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27.8.1869. William WINTLE, Breams Eaves, broke a leg.
1.1. 1871. Jane WYATT, Whitecroft, was confined.
July 1870. Mary JAMES, Parkend, died.
13.2.1871. George BROOKS married Charlot BEACH, Whitecroft.
8..3.1871. Dick REECEY, Whitecroft, died.
27. ?. 1871. Susanah PEARCE, Whitecroft, died.
1870. Moseley Green railroad started.
3.4.1871. Jack LOCKER, Pillowell, was buried.
8.6.1871. George WINTOUR, Bream, was killed at Parkend.
6.7.1871. Hannah Wilden CROCKET, Whitecroft, died.
17.12.1907. Enoch HOOK, Whitecroft, was buried.
14.3.1908. Tom GUEST, died.
26.9.1908. Fanny BUERRY, Whitecroft, died.
Easter Mon 1876. Speech House - For the first time after Severn & Wey rail opened for passengers, there were train excursions to the Speech-house. There were pony rides, donkey, dog and man racing, greasy pole climbing. A regular day's spree.
6.12.1899. Mrs. WEBB of Yorkley died in a pony and trap accident near the Speech-house.
25.1.1879. Charles PACE was executed for the murder of John DYSON at Banner Cross.
18.11.1878. Joseph GARCIA was executed at Usk Jail for the murders of William and Elizabeth WATKINS and their three children at Llangibby, Nr.Newport on the 16th July, 1878.
12.7.1899. Tom RUCK was thrown out of the cage at Fancy Pit and killed.
23.7.1899. Fred PEARCE, Parkhill, married Bertha WINTLE.
10.10.1883. Rev. Thomas NICHOLSON, Baptist Minister, late of Yorkley Baptists Chapel, died aged 87 years. Was born at Whitecroft.
16.7.1866. Bailey WINTLE, Parkend, died.

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