Journal of Alfred HARRIS, 1839 Whitecroft (latter parts -1) (General)

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12.9.1875. Tom TOTTLE was buried.
31.8.1875. Coomfamish sold.
3.11.1869. John TROTTER, Newnham, died.
15.11.1869. Henry CROCKET, Whitecroft, died.
13.11.1869. Sharlot MORSE, married.
1.11.1869. Foundation of new chemical works began at Tail of Pool.
19.9.1869. Edmin FLETCHER died.
29.9.1869. Jabes WRIGHT, Parkend, died.
8.8.1868. Will COUNCELOR, Yorkley, killed at Lo Holmes Level.
17.10.1869. Caroline LEWIS, Whitecroft, married.
21.10.1869. Jack CROCKETT, Whitecroft, died.
23.10.1869. Jack HALL, Lydney, was killed.
22.4.1876. Edward Payon WESTON, the walking American, at Nottingham, walked for 55 miles non stop in 11hrs.23mins.
30.1.1881. James BAND came to live at Victoria Inn, Whitecroft.
6.1.1883. William BAILEY, Lydney, died.
19.8.1909. Joseph PULLEN killed at New Pit, Cannop.
10.9.1875. Old granny RUCK died.
Aug 1875. JAMES & GREENSHAM sold their works to Mr. CRAWSHAY.
1875. A plentiful year for nuts !
25.9.1875. Charley HAMPTON, Whitecroft, was married.
Dec 1875. Passenger line opened to Coleford.
25.12.1873. James REDMAN was married.
26.12.1873. James HOOK was married.
Jan 1874. Parkhill line started.
Feb 1874. Miss. MORRELL was married.
5.11.1868. Walter THOMAS, Whitecroft, buried.
April 1872. Martha DUFTY went to Glos Asylom.
May, 1872. Sophia HICKS was married.
June 1872. Whitecroft Union Lodge of Mines was established.
July 1872. There were 1,569 deaths fom sunstroke in New York.
27.7.1872. Farmer PHILLIPS, 72 years, Pastors Hill Farm, Bream, died.
27.7.1872. Ann JONES, Lydney, committed suicide- hung herself on bedpost.
11.8.1872. Sam ROBINS, Bream Eaves, was married.
10.11.1872. Sarah SIMS, Whitecroft, was married.
Aug 1877 to Law suit - Richard THOMAS of Lydbrook was sued by Mr.BRAINS
Nov 1882. of Trefaulgar Colliery, for damages for water getting into Trefaulgar
from Speculations. Settled by arbitrator - damages £8.8.6 awarded to BRAIN.
22.1.1883. Mary MAID was married.
June.1875. Fanny MORSE, Whitecroft Mill, was married.
9.11.1875. Cora MORSE, Whitecroft, was married.
18.4.1876. Annie MORSE, Whitecroft Flour Mill, was married.
no date. Polley MORSE, Whitecroft Mill, was married.
31.7.1878. J.Sidney THOMAS, manager of Parkend Coal Co., was married.
7.2.1877. James BEDDIS carpenter (unsure whether it is his occupation or surname), was killed in Castle Rag Pit.
25.4.1877. George RASBATCH, parkend, killed at Dykes Level.
12.5.1877. George HOWELL, Bream, killed at the Fancy.
15.10.1877. George MORGAN, Bream, died at work in Lydney.
16.7.1915. Ted VAUGHAN, Bream Eaves, killed at Flour Mill Colliery.
8.8.1921. Walter PEART, 30 years, was killed at Prin ? Royal College.
1877. New school built at Pillowell.
20.11.1875. ? COLLINS, Lydney, was killed by coal trucks.
20.11.1875. George WORGAN, (Myah?) Whitecroft, died.
20.11.1875. Jackey TIRE, Breams Eaves, died.
21.11.1875. Enoch MORGAN, Yorkley, was buried.
10.2.1876. Malloy T/FOSSEY, Pillowell, died.
12.2.1876. Mrs. GOLLOP died.
7.1.1875. Tom BANK, Pillowell, died.
23.4.1876. John BUDGE, 70 years, Whitecroft, died.
30.4.1876. Rebecca POPE'S child was buried.
20.10.1883. The Parkend and New Fancy Collieries were sold by auction at Bell Inn, Glos., to Robert TOOMER for £6,500.
23.10.1883. Ben WINTLE, George SAUNDERS, Richard DUFTY and George JENKINS, all boys, were fined for trespass on Severn and Wey line.
Aug 1870. Mr.WALDEN, travelling preacher for the Primitive Methodists, was married at Elwood Chapel.
Aug 1870. Dan NELMS, Whitecroft, on trial for stealing sharfis ? from John WYATT, Whitecroft. (What is sharfis ?? )
Aug 1840. Coleford had gas lights.
Feb 1866. Forester News first published.
April 1866. Clearwell church opened.
12.7.1881. Sam BULL left for America.
25.6.1881. A comet appeared in the North - visible for over 3 weeks.
18.9.1870. Maria CRADDOCK, Whitecroft, was buried.
16.9.1870. Police took a hogshead of cider from the wife of Bibey VIRGOE !
21.9.1867. Richard PHILLIPS was killed.
28.9.1867. Elizabeth WINTLE died.
10.8.1865. Lilley HILL had a child in Australia.
9.4.1867. Lilley HILL had child No. 2 in NEW ZEALAND.
Nov 1867. Joseph SHOULE, was killed at Fancy Branch.
Feb 1882. Sharpness Docks - arrival of a fine 4 masted ship bringing wheat from San Francisco. A slave made good his escape from the ship.
22.1.1883. Tom JARRETT's wife, Bream, died.
5.2.1883. Joe PUSH and Will SHINK went to Lancs.
Oct 1881. Joseph SMITH, Constable Parkend Police, resigned due to illness after 25 years. Last 16 years at Whitecroft and Lydney.
17.10.1881. Will Lark DAVIS, Pillowell, was killed at Holmes
Level, Mauple Hill.
23.10.1881. Granny VAUGHAN was buried.
23.1.1883. Eliyd HOWELL, Coleford, Milkwell, swore her child on Tom Vatcher KEAR, to pay 2 shillings per week.
6.12.1868. Jacob HOOK and James BEACH, Whitecroft, were buried.
1861. Sergeant BEART was killed at the Speech-house.
6.3.1883. Neap RUDGE, Whitecroft, was sent to prison for 14 days for beating his wife.
31.3.1883. Martha HAMPTON, Whitecroft, and John JENKINS, Bream, were married at Elwood Chapel.
18.3.1883. David GRETHIN, 65 years, manager at Parkend Coal Co., died.
27.3.1883. Richard SCOTT, 55 years, Fountain Inn, Parkend, died.
25.3.1883. Thomas KEAR ENGLAND, 73 years, Bream, died.
25.3.1883. Harry HAWKIN's wife, Pillowell, died at 25 years of age.
26.12.1868. Tom LIPPER, Whitecroft, married.
10.1.1862. Daniel HIATT was buried.
7.1.1869. William ELSMORE, Mosley, broke a leg at Fancy.
15.2.1869. Thomas BRICE, Lydney, died.
30.1.1869. John HOPPEY was shot !!
26.1.1869. Mrs. PRITCHARD, Whitecroft, died.
9.5.1869. Cock ROBINS and Haggie HALFORD were married.
6.5.1869. John SHINK married Mary RIGHT.
23.5.1869. Sarah WOOD, Pillowell, was married.
25.5.1869. Henry HULET, Bream, died.
26.5.1869. James THOMAS was killed at Hopewell Pit.
27.5.1869. William HEATH, Bream, died.
27.5.1869. William DUFTY went to America.
3.33.1881. Will SAUNDERS, Whitecroft, broke a leg at Lightmore.
23.1.1883. At Coleford, Harriet BAKER, Whitecroft, swore her child on Jack PARTRIDGE, Lydney, to pay half a crown weekly.

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