MUST READ BEFORE POSTING - useful links (Announce)

by slowhands @, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Monday, September 02, 2013, 13:17 (3977 days ago) @ admin

I am new to posting messages on forums so not sure what to include?
Some very useful tips from Slowhands of what to include in your posting: My own real life advice...

Further information about posting messages

MUST READ BEFORE POSTING - Forum posting guidelines

Guide lines from Slowhands

Do not use all UPPER or all lower case letters

Think twice before including your e-mail address in a post

Have you searched the Parish Records on this Web site?

Do not use this forum in searching for Living Relatives

Web site is specific to the Forest of Dean

Make sure you include: Name - Dates - Location

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Why Threads become Locked

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