MUST READ BEFORE POSTING - Forum posting guidelines (Announce)

by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Sunday, February 17, 2008, 23:06 (5960 days ago)

To post a message go to the Forum front page and click on 'New Topic' but before doing so please read these guidelines as they may save you time and help produce a positive response.

Your query should be easy to read
Compose your new posting or reply in the traditional manner using:

Do not use all capital letters looks like SHOUTING.
Do not use all small letters makes for laborious reading

Make your Subject line concise and specific

Clearly state what information you are seeking
For example, if you are seeking your ancestor's parents' names, state that. If you are looking for a marriage record, provide what related information that you can, i.e. approximate year of the event and the possible location.

It is difficult for someone to provide an answer, if they do not clearly understand the question.

Put yourself in the position of the reader
Try to put yourself in the position of the reader on the receiving end - someone who knows nothing about the ancestor that you are describing. Make sure that the data and query would be understood by a "perfect stranger," because one of them just might turn out to hold the answer to your query or possess a publication, from which they could find the answer for you.

Have you searched the forum?
On this forum we have over 20,000 previous postings and it is possible that your query may have been asked by someone else and an answer posted.

Have you searched the Parish Records on this Web site?
When you register on this Web site you are able to post a message in the forum and also search through over half a million Parish and Non-conformist records of the Forest of Dean and surrounding places.

Be considerate to many people who answer queries on this forum of their time by first of all searching through the records yourself before seeking help with Baptism, Marriage and Burial details.

Keep to Forest of Dean People and Places
Only post messages relating to people and places connected in some way to the Forest of Dean or near by bordering places. Like the name of this Web site indicates, we specialise in the area of the Forest of Dean.

Do not use this forum in searching for Living Relatives
This forum is not the place to start looking for Adopted and Living Relatives as it can cause great misery and distress, and will not be allowed here. Read more...

Do not put an email address in your post
Having your (or other peoples) email address in your posts leaves you wide open to spammers and spam bots. We will delete email addresses in posts. Other people can contact you direct by using the Email button which is on any posts you submit. Read more...

Keep your query limited to one request
For example, do not ask a look-up person, for everything they have on the WILLIAMS surname, in the area. Asking for too much information at one time, may leave others feeling overwhelmed, thus decrease your chances for a response.

Be kind and polite in your posting
Do not "flame" others by being authoritative, narrow-minded, or biased, with a conviction that your opinion is the only valid one, which leads to a personal attack on anyone who differs or disagrees with your stand, on a particular issue.

Be considerate of other people's time and your own
If you have already searched specific records, regarding the information that you are seeking, include those source titles in your query, so people responding to your query do not search the same sources, only to provide you with information that you already have.

Before sending, carefully proof-read, for errors and detail
Correct all "typos," check to see that all words are, fully, spelled out, dates are in an understandable format, and that you revise any unclear statements. Determine if you included all of the pertinent information about your ancestor by answering the "Who, What, Where, and When" questions? Are there any other details that you might add to help others identify with your ancestor?

By following these simple guidelines
You can reap great rewards,it is a good way to make new friends, find relatives, and
produce valuable genealogical information.

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