MUST READ BEFORE POSTING - Forum posting guidelines (Announce)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Saturday, September 24, 2016, 15:02 (2819 days ago) @ Materialgirl

Good afternoon and warm welcome to this friendly forum and website.
Thanks for reading the guidelines, not every new user does that.

As to posting a message, there are two ways;

If the post is a reply to an existing post, then click on the blue "post reply" button at the bottom L/H corner of that post. This will open a new window into which you can write your post. Then click on the "preview" or "ok submit" buttons at bottom of that page, and your post should display near the top of the forum index page. If you want to modify it at a later time, you can revisit it and use the "edit" button at bottom of that page, or even delete it entirely if no-one else has replied.
If possible it's always best to post in this matter, as then it will be displayed in the same thread as other relevant background info abt the same subject, so makes for easier reading and understanding by other users. The forum's been active for several years now so it's highly likely that someone else has already posted about the family or subject that you're interested in. Hence the forum thread's themselves become useful reference material.

If you're posting about a new subject, then when you access the main forum index page,

You will hopefully see a blue "new topic" icon at the top L/H corner ?. If it does, then click on it and the same will happen as above.

However, in my usual half-witted way I've just realised that you've successfully posted this query... I wonder if there's a delay before newly-registered users can post to the forum, I'm not a forum administrator and cannot recall my first post ?

Looking forward to seeing your posts soon, Jeff

PS should perhaps have mentioned, that whenever you see an icon or "button" displayed in blue on this site, this shows that it's a hyperlink and can be clicked on to access further information.

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