Eliza HAYNES of ???, m Rowland PRICE in Ross on Wye. (Parish Records)

by DianaDouglas, Saturday, March 18, 2017, 16:53 (2676 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff

Lots of bits are new to me so thank you again. Yes the Rowland Price 1814- 1877 (d in Sandbach, Cheshire) is the person I had decided was my line. Married 10/11/1833 but I do not have copy of his marriage Cert, just the FoD record which does not give his dob. His mother was Mary Jenkins b 1788.

Re the 1891 census, at that time Eliza was living with her son, Richard Price (aged 54) in 1 Prices Houses, Shrewsbury. Her birth place was given as Ledbury this time. So discrepancy of birth place whenever she was living in her later years (as a widow) with her sons.

I will investigate the Elisabeth Hayns born in Llanstephan, thank you. It will mean part of the branch I have been following might need redirecting but so be it.

I will also look at the Wills of Eliza and Rowland. I have found it quite significant to look at the witnesses of various weddings. Eliza and a James Haynes were witnesses at each others weddings so perhaps James was Eliza's bro. but all I can find is his marriage record.

All for now.

Thank you again

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