Eliza HAYNES of ???, m Rowland PRICE in Ross on Wye. (Parish Records)

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Hi Diana,
thanks so much for replying, your kind words make my efforts all worthwhile. Sadly and as you probably know Herefordshire Records seem to be difficult to find online, a problem we've often seen on this forum.

You say Rowland Prices's mother was Mary Jenkins, so it does seem possible the baptism I found on FamilySearch is indeed his, I do hope so !
I hadn't realised his Marriage record was within this FoD site's PRs. Clearly and like so many in those days he didn't give his age, rest assured the transcriptions on this site include all the information available on the original PR. If it were a Gloucestershire record I'd expect it's image would now also be on the Ancestry site, but not sure wrt Herefordshire records.
You are very wise using the witnesses in your researches.

Ref Vera Elizabeth Haines, I think this is her records c/o FreeBMD;

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Births Jun 1898 (>99%)
HAINES Vera Elizabeth Hay 11b 117
Haines Vera Elizabeth Hay 11b 17

Surname First name(s) Mother/Spouse/Age District Vol Page
Marriages Mar 1922 (>99%)
Haines Vera E Morgan Hereford 6a 765
MORGAN John H Haines Hereford 6a 765

Looking at HAINES marriages in Hay on FreeBMD, I wonder if these are her parents ? Unsure whether good or bad that both potential brides are Elizas !, I presume we're looking at Eliza DAVIES given the 1901 Census I posted yesterday.

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Marriages Dec 1894 (>99%)
Davies Eliza Anne Hay 11b 261
Haines Roger Hay 11b 261
Prosser Elizabeth Hay 11b 261
Stanley George Hay 11b 261

Methinks def worth some more work on this family.
Unfortunately records on FreeBMD at this time show that Eliza Ann is a VERY popular DAVIES name in the Builth, Breconshire area ... trying to trace her father (I think) John Davies b1833 farther back thro the Census from the 1901 I posted yesterday, hoping to find his son James and daughter Eliza Ann. However none of these are rare names locally... ?. Reposting to aid my thinking;

1901 Census, Boughrood Road, Llanstephan (Radnor), Brecknockshire, Wales
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
John Davies Head M 68 Farmer. Ceynllys, Radnorshire
James Davies Son M 41 Farmer's son. Llanfaredd, Radnorshire
Levia Davies Daughter-In-Law F 30 Llanbadron Y Garreg, Radnorshire
Gladys G Davies Grand Daughter F 10 Boughrood, Radnorshire
Eliza A E Davies Grand Daughter F 3 Llanstephan, Radnorshire
Vera E Haines Grand Daughter F 3 Llanstephan, Radnorshire
Bertha Harley Niece F 17 Upper Machen, Monmouthshire
William E Price Servant M 21 Stockman on farm. Llandewey Fach, Radnorshire
William G Bowen Servant M 24 Brilley, Herefordshire

FamilySearch again gives;

1881 Census, Llanvareth (Radnor), Builth District, Breconshire, Wales.
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
John Davies Head M 48 Farmer Of 200 Acres. Cefnllys, Radnorshire, Wales
Eliza Davies Wife F 47 Llanfaredd, Radnorshire, Wales
James Davies Son M 21 Farmer Son. Llanfaredd, Radnorshire, Wales
John Davies Son M 19 Farmer Son. Llanfaredd, Radnorshire, Wales
Eliza Ann Davies Daughter F 17 Llanfaredd, Radnorshire, Wales
Mary Jane Hughes Servant F 19 Cascob, Radnorshire, Wales
James Pugh Servant M 24 Builth, Brecknockshire, Wales
James Lewis Servant M 16 Llanyear, Radnorshire, Wales

1871 Census, Llanfaredd, Brecknockshire, Wales.
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
John Davies Head M 38 Farmer. Ceffnlyse, Radnorshire
Eliza Davies Wife F 37 Llanfaredd, Radnorshire
James Davies Son M 11 Llanfaredd, Radnorshire
John Davies Son M 9 Llanfaredd, Radnorshire
Eliza Ann Davies Daughter F 7 Llanfaredd, Radnorshire
John Davies Father M 78 Widow, retired. Killcurn, Carmarthenshire
Ann Meredith Servant F 19 Llandewyrcurn, Breconshire
Mary Jane Meredith Servant F 15 Llanfaredd, Radnorshire
Price Harley Servant M 23 Glascwm, Radnorshire
Thomas Lewis Servant M 23 Llanbister, Radnorshire
David Price Servant M 14 Llanbadarn, Radnorshire

Llanfaredd, Radnorshire => "2 miles E. of Builth Wells",

Ceynllys, Radnorshire => "KEVENLLEECE (CEVN-LLYS), county of RADNOR, SOUTH WALES, on the road from Newtown to Builth, 1 1/2 mile (S. W. by S.) from Pen y bont, containing 367 inhabitants."

Prob easiest to search for Pen-y-Bont on modern maps.


I see this FoD site's PRs include a few hundred "Eliza Haines" records. Not suggesting any apply to your Eliza, but it does reaffirm that it's a very popular name within the "Haines" family.

Good luck with your continued researches in Powys etc.

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