Richard ELLEY b1812, Berry Hill, West Dean. (Parish Records)

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Hi M,
Richard Elley b1812 is my brother-in-law's G-G-Grandfather on his mother's side. Thanks very much for posting these interesting articles, and also for confirming some of the amateur research I did on the ELLEY family after first discovering this marvelous site & forum c2010. At that time I didn't have access to any of the subscription sites so my work was rather limited, plus it was a little off-putting when I saw just how many Richard Elleys there were thro' the line, which probably explains why I've avoided returning to that tree until now. So thanks again for restarting my interest. I'm just sorry I hadn't spotted this thread when Brenda first posted, as I might have saved you some time with the Census research.
As well as a link to the prior thread you found, into the Knight hence KILBY family, I can add some more prior threads for ELLEY.

John, possible brother of Richard ?
Mention in this post of Richard Edward Elley b1903, d1910.


I see that this prior thread was also written by Brenda Hughes.
It helps clarify some of the points she's raised again this weekend, altho regrettably this post is now being finished at 9pm so it's after Brenda has kindly posted her own reply on this new thread to your goodself.

Sorry I've been late to post today, Jeff.

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