Richard ELLEY b1812, Berry Hil, West Deanl. (Parish Records)

by Brenda Hughes, Sunday, October 08, 2017, 19:58 (2472 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jefff, you are right about the many Richards' in the Elley family. They went on until my father's generation - his half brother was I believe, the last Richard. My grandfather was Albert Elley and he was one of the children of Richard's (born 1812) second marriage. It was the mix up in the many 'Richards' that started my on my ancestry hobby over 30 years ago. I initially paid quite a lot of money to a company to do it for me only to find they had it wrong. With the help of the Archivist at Gloucester CC and the various census results I was able to piece it all together but every little added bit is still very interesting. As I stated previously - there was a considerably age difference between Richard and his second 'wife' Emma. The same thing happened with my grandfather Albert who lost his first wife and went on to marry my grandmother who was quite a lot younger than he was. History repeating itself in a way. I am on the Genes Reunited website if you would like to see my family tree re. the Elley's there.

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