Burials in unconsecrated ground etc, prior threads. (Parish Records)

by Brenda Hughes, Monday, October 09, 2017, 18:12 (2471 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff,
I am a Pontypridd girl (getting on a bit now though). All our family are still in the Graig, Treforest and Rhydyfelin areas - we moved away almost 40 years ago but visit regularly. We have lived in the Carmarthen area for the last few years so it is not too far away. The different branches of the Elley family still live in and around Ponty. After the death of his first wife my grandfather Albert (father Richard 1812) met and married my gran and they moved to Oxford St. in Treforest which is next to the University of Wales. Their children were all born there. Uncle Milson - he is on my parents wedding photos, remained in Graig Terrace until his death. Albert my grandfather died in 1942 which was 3 years before my birth. I have the 1854 will of Richard (yet another), date of birth April 13th 1774, in which one of the beneficiaries was his daughter Betsy, the wife of Thomas Kilby. The archivist said that the Newland Parish registers for the 1770's did not survive but she found diocesan copies of the original parish registers of Newland which did survive. she found -

(PN227 IN 11/7) October 25th 1770 were married after the banns John Elley of Newland and Eleanor Dobbs of Newland.
John was born on September 1st 1745 and was buried on July 7th 1820.

Children of the couple were

(PN 227 IN4/1)
Mary - baptised May 20th 1771 Coleford
Richard - baptised April 13th 1774 Berry Hill (my great great grandfather)

Sometime after getting this info. from the Archivist the Bishop's transcripts were published and I was able to get the names of further children. I believe there were seven children in all.

I have done a bit of work with the info. I have and intend to publish it in a book form. My children do not appear too interested and my greatest fear is that after all the years of research the info. will be lost. We have a niece who works for a well known publishing company in London and she has said she will do it for me. Her husband is Benjamin Elley, we have plenty of Ben's in Pontypridd as well. Cheers Brenda

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