Crown Inn, Hawthorns, Drybrook (General)

by Jane Jones, Saturday, March 17, 2018, 14:48 (850 days ago) @ ChrisW

Hello Jane

"I am also assuming that Solomon remarried following the death of Anne (around 1898 I believe)"

Did you miss my earlier posts on this thread?

Solomon died in 1893, so if he was running any pub after that it must have been in 'spirit' form!


Hi Chris

According to my documents the George Inn was purchased by Cornelius Marfell Cowmeadow in 1911. He was the sub postmaster at this time & other locals have informed us that the house was indeed used as a post office at some time. We even have the outline of a post box on the outside of the property after taking off the render on the front of the house!

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