Alice COX nee BRAIN. The Bell, Cinderford High St c1911. (General)

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Thankfully, Heather Hurley's book goes onto say "at least two other beerhouses existed somewhere in the High Street. One of these was The Bell, recorded as kept by John Briscoe in 1879, before ownership passed to Wintle's Forest Brewery at Mitcheldean c1889. James Brain was recorded at the Bell in 1903 and may have been the last tender before it closed in 1911."

So it does look like Alice Cox nee Brain was at the Bell, with her brother James.

Returning to the GlosPubs site, despite there being 65 hits when searching the word "Cinderford", thankfully The Bell is only on the 5th page. It carries more detail, saying this Beerhouse had three public rooms with one for lodgers, it had stabling, James Brain was tenant landlord for 14 years from 1897 until it closed in February 1912, and it was within 50 yards of the Globe Inn !

Hi again Mike,

following my problems on another post last night, after I posted the above about the Bell, I wondered if the bad weather had somehow affected all my posts being uploaded to the forum, as I have friends who have suffered very bad internet issues these last few days. I therefore searched the forum to check my above post was as I thought it should be, which of course it is, phew !. However and to my surprise while searching I also found this lengthy thread which shows we covered this family and the Bell pub in some detail about a year ago. Apologies for not remembering this.
atb J

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