Occupation; Stone Mason/Blacksmith (General)

by Diane Ibell @, Beechboro Perth WA 6063, Sunday, August 25, 2019, 02:20 (1784 days ago) @ r haines

Hi Richard, thank you for your information. My link to the Haines family is through Sarah Haines. Sarah is my 2nd Great grandmother she married a William Hayward and they had about 7 children one of them being Esther Selina, who is my Great Grandmother. Esther Selina married James Richard Ibell. They had about 6 children one being Jesse James Ibell who is my grandfather. Jesse married Margaret Blodwen James. They live in Pontypridd. They had 7 children, one being my dad Mervyn Ernest Ibell. Jesse married twice. Violet May Cook and they had Hazel Ibell.

I was also inquiring for another person who contacted me as we had a match through DNA they were looking for information one the Haines family. We were also trying to find Susannah maiden
I need to correct some of the dates and information in my tree.

Kind Regard
Diane Ibell

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