Occupation; Stone Mason/Blacksmith (General)

by r haines, Sunday, January 02, 2022, 11:36 (789 days ago) @ Diane Ibell

Hi Diane, Happy new year.
I'm back on the Haines trail, at least for the time being!
The final bit of your last post was incomplete, but I think it asks for the maiden name of John Haines wife Susannah.
I recently (last week) found a great deal of info. relating to Susanna(h) on Family search (the Mormon web site)
Susanna's maiden name appears to be Beardsley, originally from Ileston in Derbyshire.
It seem that John and Susanna were married there in 1805 and their son John II although born in Devauden,in 1806, was christened in 1816 also in Ilkeston.
The info. on Family Search links back to a Richard Blundeston who married a Haslake in 1450.
So far as John I is concerned, Susanna's husband,I'm still hunting for his parents.
If you come across any lead, I'll be grateful if you would keep me in the loop.
Keep safe and best wishes,
Richard Haines.

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