Lady Ann Hope Fleming (General)

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1763 FLEMING Lady Ann Hope Burial Monmouth
1783 FLEMING Eziakiah Burial Monmouth

I am looking for the parents of William Gough's wife, Christiana Fleming.

The Parish Records give me the 2 burials in Monmouth which I believe are them. Eziakiah Fleming is usually given as Hezekiah Fleming, and was an army officer who eventually rose to the rank of Major General.

Lady Ann Hope Fleming, appears to have married Hezekiah Fleming in 1749. Given Christiana's probable age of 18 or so at her marriage in 1751, this would imply that she was the daughter of her mother from a previous marriage (I have a potential 1720 date of birth for Hezekiah, which mathematically would rule him out)

BUT I cannot find out who Lady Ann Hope Fleming was! Either her birth name, or her widowed name, was presumably Lady Ann Hope, implying she is either the daughter of a noble, or the widow of one, but I have gone through the entire Hope family at and cannot find her.

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas how to help find out who she was?


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