Lady Ann Hope Fleming (General)

by jon_ystrad ⌂ @, Ystradgynlais, Powys, Friday, April 02, 2021, 18:50 (1209 days ago) @ sidtoomey01

Thank you for your replies!

I think I accidentally clicked not to email me with notifications of a reply, so please forgive the late response

I have located the will of Hezekiah Fleming at the National Archives Discovery website and it is clear from it that Christiana Fleming is his sister, not his daughter, which makes perfect sense given the apparent year of Hezekiah's birth, around 1720 I have been told.

I subscribed to the British Library newspaper website, but was not able to find detail of Hezekiah's marriage to Lady Ann Hope in any newspaper. I have emailed the Hope family archive at their estate, and they have promised to get back to me in time when they reopen and can access the papers.

I do intend to create a full biographical page for Hezekiah Fleming so the promotions of him, and his battles and campaigns will be important.

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