Lady Ann Hope Fleming (General)

by sidtoomey01 @, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Friday, March 26, 2021, 19:26 (1071 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

I agree with the Newspaper suggestion.
I did a quick search of British Newspaper Archives and although i am not a member , could see a preview of articles.
One of them dated 12th of June 1863 and titled "Glamorgan Pedigrees" mentions William Gought marrying Hezekiah Fleming's daughter and then lists their children names.
Several of the other articles list his name and mention he was a member of a particular Regiment in the Army and his transfer or promotion.
Another records the Citizens of Londonderry presenting him with silver plate.
From the newspapers you should then be able to compile a list of the Regiments in which he served and his rank at that time.

I also read somewhere that the Duke of Wellington (different era, i know) thought highly of his officers who had written a history of their Regiment. Therefor there seem to be a lot of publications on Regiments during the Peninsular Wars and Waterloo period.
As well , there will be official Regimental history books.
I would imagine that the higher a persons rank, the more they will feature in any written record.

Finally, from my own Military Ancestor research, i found that sometimes an officer, after leaving service, would publish his memoirs. These can be very detailed and include obscure anecdotes or information about their service and the men with whom they served.

Hopefully the above will provide some leads to follow. At the least, all the reading should keep you out of trouble.

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