William Powell and Elizabeth Ann Taylor (General)

by sidtoomey01 @, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Tuesday, June 01, 2021, 00:29 (1149 days ago) @ lfmorgan57

You may already have this information but on the off chance you don't, using clues in the 1851/61 Census for Elizabeth Ann Powell where her place of birth was given as St. Nicholas one census and Westgate Street in the other Census.
St. Nicholas Church is located on Westgate Street Gloucester.
The Parish register of baptisms has an entry for 15th July 1785 where Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Thomas and Mary Taylor was baptised.

Re William Powell. Since he appears to have disappeared from records after 1828 when he was recorded as a Gamekeeper living at Whippingtons Brook Staunton, there is a William Powell who was listed in the Register of Prisoners in the Gloucester County Gaol at the end of 1841. Sentenced to four months Gaol for handling stolen goods. Age was given as 57 and place of residence was "Rofs" ??
although the handwriting is hard to read.

Hope this helps

Sid Toomey

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