William Powell and Elizabeth Ann Taylor (General)

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More trivia for you to explore.
On the 1824 Baptism record for son William, father's occupation of Gamekeeper and residence of "Knockall"
This most likely refers to Knockalls Inclosure, a wooded area just Southwest of the village of Staunton.
Ordnance Survey maps from the 19th Century do not show many buildings in the Inclosure but there is "Knockalls Lodge" which is mentioned in records. There are still buildings on the site when viewed on Google Earth as well as what looks like a soccer pitch.
If you look at Google Earth there is a very large quarry and just to the West, amongst the woods is the Lodge.

From the date of William and Elizabeth Anne's first child in 1814 through to Absaloms baptism in 1828 the family didn't stray very far.
Whitecliff,Coleford,Knockall and Whippington's Brook are in the same general area.

Hope this helps.
Looks like a good place for a long weekend exploring.

Sid Toomey

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