Wye Sturgeon Photo info pls (General)

by rsligi @, Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 21:47 (848 days ago)

Sorry not really Geno based, more historic info required, do not put up if thought inappropriate but there is a research project asking for national historic information of Sturgeon fish that includes the Wye and Severn most likely to occur in our Forest area.
There is nothing fishy about this request?????

I have spent considerable time with no result looking for an old photo I have previously seen of 3 gents, abt 1900 holding an absolutely massive Sturgeon caught in the Wye around Bigsweir, probably in a salmon net.
The photo did name the 3 men and there was some comment about a past relative hence this post as this site may be relevant.
I think it may have been on this site in past at sometime ?
Done all the other more likely sites with no results.
Unusual ask but any info on that photo or anything related would be helpful.

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