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Searching British Newspapers on Line, there are a number of hits for Sturgeon - another one - Saturday 8 June 1895, Cheltenahm Chronicle


On Monday afternoon while some of Mr J M BANNERMAN's men were salmon fishing in the Wye at a spot known as Martin's Pool they caught a sturgeon measuring 7 ft 7 ins long, 2 ft 10in, in girth, tail 18 in. and weight 134 lbs.

The Wye is not famed for Royal sturgeon. It is seventeen years ago since a small sturgeon was taken at Symond's Yat. That and the one caughter on Monday are the only two taken in this district in the memory of the oldest inhabitant.


** On the Forest of Dean records, Robert Walter Malcolm BANNERMAN a Gentleman of Ledbury, married in 1924 at Ross on Wye and his father was James Murray BANNERMAN, a Gentleman.

Thursday 24 June 1886

Gloucestershire Echo (a long advert)




Extaordinary Size and Quality
Worth going Twent Miles to see

ON VIEW at the Stores, 405 High St. Friday Morning

The Largest and Cheapest Supply of Fine quality ENGLISH, IRISH & SCOTCH, SALMON

Ever on sale in Cheltenham


Cheltenham Chronicle

Saturday 26 June 1937


Fishermen's Capture at Lydney

A sturgeon weighing over 500 lbs, and measuring nine feet was captured at Lydney on Monday by local fishermen.
As it is customary, the sturgeon was presented to Viscount Bledisloe, Lord of the Manor. He received it at his home in the presence of Lady Bledisloe and a number of New Zealand tourists.

In accepting the fish, Lord Bledisloe commented that he was one of three lords of the manor, apart from the King, entitled to claim sturgeon caught in local waters.

He thought this was the heaviest one ever caught in returning it to the fishermen as a mark of appreciation of their skill.

The tourists who witnessed the interesting presentation were representative of various New Zealand ambulance organisations. They were shown over the estate by Lord Bledisloe, who is a former governor of the Dominion.



Gloucestershire Echo 12 August 1941 - has another write up headed STURGEON TAKEN IN THE SEVERN ..... this one was nine and half feet long, etc. etc.


Seems British newspapers on line - holds many records for Sturgeon and where they were caught

One article Cheltenham Chronicle - Tuesday 3 August 1880 - talks about

The skin of the sturgeon is armour plated, the bony plates when boiled will be found to be of a beautiful pattern, somewhat resembling very fine Chinese carving.

They make very pretty and unique ornaments for ladies dresses.

The best caviare imported to this county is from Astrcan.

It is stated that a good cook can obtain a good dish of beef, mutton, porl or poultry from a sturgeon.


Sturgeons are frequently caught in the salmon nets in the estuary of the Severn, and could be easily brought up alive from Gloucester.

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