Wye Sturgeon Photo info pls (General)

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No problem sharing the information, photo etc.

Evan DAVIES was a Salmon Fisherman - as there is an article where he was 'up before the law' fishing for Salmon out of Season.

As regards you mentioning, Sturgeon at Bigweir - just have a look.

So far, can see a couple of article of catching Sturgeon at Bigsweir: Thursday 21 June 1877, Ross Gazette

Monmouth - Capture of a Sturgeon. As Mr Miller's men were fishing with a salmon net in the Wyre on Wednesday, they captured a fine sturgeon, about 9 ft long, at Bigsweir, between Monmouth and Tintern.

Chepstow Weekly Advertiser - 26 May 1860


SOMETHING UNCOMMON. James Williams, fisherman of this place, it is stated, caught a fine sturgeon, weighing about 100 lbs, recently in the river Wyre near to Chepstow Bridge.

Gloucestershire Chronicle - 20 May 1865

A day or two ago a sturgeon weighing nearly two cwt. and measuring 7ft 2 in in length and 35 in in girth, was caught in the Wye at Lydbrook

Hereford Times - Saturday 8 June 1850

Capture of another Sturgeon in the River Wye.

It doubtless will be recollected by many of our readers that, on Sunday the 30th May 1846, a large sturgeon (accipenser [/b[b]]huso) was captured near the Weir, by a man in the employment of John TOMKINS Esq., names James POSTANS. The gallant struggle of POSTANS with the fish in the native element of the latter, and its capture after half an hour's severe conflict, must also be fresh in the recollection of may.

A full account of this monster fish, which measured 8ft 6 in. in length and weighed 182 lbs. of the struggle which ensued between the man and the fish, with a pictorial representation of the fish, may be found in the Hereford Times of June 6th, 1846.

This fish, after being exhibited at the Black Swan, in this city, and 1d. per head charged to those who went to see the "monster", by which Postans realised between £11 and £12, was sold to our fellow-citizen, Mr J Baker.

We believe that, previous to this, the last sturgeon caught in the Wye was taken at Glasbury about 14 years previously.

On Saturday last, it was publicly proclaimed, through the streets, by the city crier, that a sturgeon, "far the largest ever taken in the Wye," had been captured on the previous evening at Hoarwithy, and was then being exhibited at the Sun Tavern, in High Town

Having in remembrance the renowed antagonist of POSTANS, and knowing that exhibitionists are always possessed o "the great wonder in the world", the cray was considered a "puff: and so indeed it proved. The fish weighs about 100 lbs, and measures about six feet in length, - so that it is 82 lbs. less in weight and 2ft 6 in shorter that the one captured in 1846.

etc etc.

It it stated that a sturgeon was caught in the Severn at Gloucester last week, which weighted 200 lbs.


So quite a history can be put together on British Newspapers on line

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