Family roots in the Forest of Dean (General)

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Many thanks for this. Kept my intro post brief - many times have been criticised for information overload!

Much more on my Profile. My wife’s Blake ancestors originate out of the Forest (Hartpury) but moved to Huntley and then Elton in the 18C.

The Morgan side a bit more difficult, particularly trying to identify origins of 3x great grandfather George Morgan who was recorded as 70 when buried in Westbury. He appears on 2 censuses with 1851 recording 72 years born Huntley. He married Elizabeth Smith of Minsterworth in 1808 (I have her family traced back another 6 generations). His first 3 children, including wife’s 2x great grandmother Mary Ann Morgan, were all baptised in Abenhall (rest all Huntley). Cannot trace any Morgans in Huntley register for period 1770-80.

The Cole side appears to have originated in Hartpury also, with 3x great grandfather Richard Cole moving to Westbury before 1841. His 4 daughters, including 2x great grandmother Elizabeth, were all baptised in Blaisdon. Elizabeth was captured on the 1841 census as a servant to farmer Ruder at Elton, and in 1851 to Henry Crawshay at the now demolished Abbotwood house at Ruspidge. She died in 1867 at Bilson Woodside and is buried at Drybrook. She does not appear appeared to have married but had 2 children, great grandmother Harriet and a son Charles, both baptised in Westbury out of the Workhouse in 1848 & 1850. Cannot trace any paternity records - are the Union records or minutes books available?

Visiting the Forest this week I can understand the geography a little more.

Any help with leads would be appreciated.

David Cadd
Long Buckby

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