Family roots in the Forest of Dean (General)

by Bradwell @, Long Buckby, Northants, Thursday, April 28, 2022, 08:04 (725 days ago) @ sidtoomey01

Thanks Sid. I located George Morgan in 1841 at Huntley Hill, ag lab with son Charles 15 and in same household Richard Blake (wife’s great great grandfather) and his wife Mary Ann (nee Morgan). Definitely correct as holdhold reversed in 1851 with George lodging with son in law. Charles is disabled ‘deaf and dumb’ and dies in the Westbury workhouse in 1893. He spends the 1891 census with married sister Charlotte World

I have access to copies of all the parish registers for Gloucestershire through Ancestry and FindMyPast - tend to use transcripts as a guide but never rely on them. The main problem I have is trying to find a suitable George Morgan baptism. There are none around 1779 in Huntley or Abenhall. Plenty elsewhere - there are a number in Littledean which I am tracking to see what happens to them although they seem a little too far away, even for the FOD.

Thanks for the heads up on the tithe holdings - very useful. That is essentially why I joined the group last week - to enquire what other online records were out there. Will dive into Resources section.

Leaving the FOD this morning after a fruitful couple of days. Have at least found a Smith direct ancestor’s 18th century MI at Minsterworth, identified the house in Elton where grandfather born and great grandparents lived and an MI at Flaxley related by marriage.

Will have to come back soon. Have much to process.

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