Family roots in the Forest of Dean (General)

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Hi again,

I don't know whether this helps but the 1841 Census for Huntley District 4 (page 10 of 12) has a George Morgan aged 50 Ag. Labourer
Charles Morgan aged 15
Hannah Morgan aged 10.
All answered yes for born in the Parish.

The Gloucestershire Tithes Apportionment Data Base (free searchable on line) has some entries for George Morgan.
Huntley for the year 1838.
George Morgan was the occupier of two separate plots of land.
One was a house and garden . 28 perches.
The other was only 1 perch.
The owner in both instances was the Reverend John Robyn who also appears in the 1841 Census for Huntley.

Newland for the year 1840.
George Morgan owned and occupied two properties and occupied a third.

Unfortunately the Know Your Place Gloucestershire web site is down at present so i cant look at the Tithe Maps to identify just where the plots of land were. Might have been a stopping place for you to look at on your trip to FOD.

Sid Toomey

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