Francis MEEK baptised 1655 (General)

by Nick Dub @, Monday, November 27, 2023, 16:36 (95 days ago) @ slowhands

I'm interested in this line too, as I believe I am descended from John Meek 1682 Ruardean m 1704 Clare Bridgman 1683 - 1755, via their daughter Ann Meek 1715 - 1789, who married George Briton Harris 15 May 1715 - 1784

As Slowhands has quite rightly mentioned evidence is thin on the ground, so substantiating any of the lines of descent is often near enough impossible.

It's easy for errors to creep in : for example, there were two couples in the Ruardean area. Both called William and Sophia Knight - And both having children around 1800 - one of the wives maiden name was Meek (not the same Meeks as above) and the other Walding. I have no idea how to separate out some of the births and most Websites do not even try, attributing all the children to one couple.

All the best - Nick

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