MEEK baptised Ruardean late 1600's (General)

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1681 MEEK John UNCLES Alice Ruardean
1682 MEEK John John Alice Ruardean
1684 MEEK Mary John Alice Ruardean
1687 MEEK Joane John Allis Ruardean
1689 MEEKE Sarah John Allis Ruardean
1692 MEEKE Margaret John Alice Ruardean

1679 MEEKE Jeremy John Elinor Ruardean
1682 MEEK John John Elinor Ruardean
1684 MEEK Thomas John Elinor Ruardean
1687 MEEKE Jane John Elianor Ruardean

Its a challenge with transcriptions that in good faith the transcriber will come up with typically what is familiar to them / looks right so yes Elinor when the handwriting may appear as Elino/ Alino/Aliro/ etc. (the instructions that we gave the Transcribers was very much type what you see)

Pity there are no ages of Elinor in this record (there is an Elinor as a daughter of Jeremy too) the Elinor/Jeremy family names is a potential hint too

Year: 1722
Month: Dec
Day: 2
Surname: MEEKE
Forenames: Elinor
Officiating_Minister: [not stated]
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P275 IN 1/1
Page_No: 231
Parish_Chapel: Ruardean

useful notes added by the transcriber here ;-
Year: 1645
Month: Oct
Day: 17
Parents_Surname: DUBERLEY
Child_Forenames: Elinor
Fathers_Forenames: Jeremy
Mothers_Forenames: Elinor
Officiating_Minister: [not stated]
Event: Baptism
Notes: Entry is faint and difficult to read. Child's name is probably Elinor rather than Joan or Ann. Dai si proably Oct 17 rather than Oct 1.
Register_Reference: P275 IN 1/1
Page_Number: 108
Parish_Chapel: Ruardean

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