George TIPPINS and Ellen MASON marriage (General)

by Mac74, Friday, January 26, 2024, 14:32 (168 days ago) @ slowhands

Quick update!
Just like to say i showed my Dad all the stuff and records that was kindly found out about his Mason line hes so thankful and would like to say thankyou on his behalf i got the job of trying to put it in order for him
As far as the Davis Family who has Sarah Davis ( Fletcher Eli Fletcher being her husband) has her Davis line been traced i notice an article on her death as Queen of Forest And wondering if she in any way links to Melinda Davis Benjamin Mason?
Nearly forgot to say me Dad was told Ellens Father wasnt Noah but Benjamins but it was hussed up or not even worried about!
Should i post new topic on Sarahs Line regarding any link to Melinda?
Thanks again great work by all

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