candidate for Sarah DAVIS c1851 (General)

by Mac74, Friday, January 26, 2024, 23:43 (179 days ago) @ slowhands

So the Melinda Davis family is who i need to trace ? The info on Benjamin and melinda poss tent dwellers maybe link to Sarah or family as faras i can see Sarahs brother Charles was born westdean and her Father was from Lyndham forest of dean ?many of the families of travellers seem to ave never left the forest some uo to 100 years on census? So the links provided to Fletchers Davis on thread are nothingto do with the post the. Seems lot of effort if theres no link confused to say least it does seem me Dad heard right as a kid in South Wales Florence was indeed illigimate daughter of George brought up by Noah George links to Melinda and Benjamin Ellen is indeed illigimate as for Miranda it seems im tracing wrong Davis due to fletcher davis posts that were provided for no reason i need to reread thru topic and see parents for Mirand aand see any or if any tie on from an ancestor of families from FOD whos never been to the forest or tried tracing family they didnt make it easy down there im more confused then Scooby Doo

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