George TIPPINS and Ellen MASON marriage (General)

by Arrowhead @, Tuesday, February 06, 2024, 21:13 (157 days ago) @ Mac74

Never seen any connection to Masons and Sarah Davis never had a brother or sister as far as I'm aware.

Sarah's parentage is confusing as census states she was daughter of Charles Davis (b. Lydney) and after her death her eldest daughter, Emily, reports in a newspaper article that Letitia Davis and John Preddy.

Letitia and Charles were the children of Austin Davis and Sarah Greenwood of Great Wolford Warwickshire and were a widespread Romany family as are the Fletchers. Sarah's death was widely reported in newspapers and she was recognised in the forest as a well respected healer using plants from the forest.

I have extensive research on both Davis and Fletcher. There are a few gaps so don't claim to know everything but not come across a lot of the names in this thread or found any links in my tree.

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