HAYWARD Arlingham - Gloucestershire Christmas (Parish Records)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, October 11, 2013, 15:02 (2500 days ago) @ alby65

Hi Allison,
"apologies" for mentioning Christmas, following her comment above I now have visions of MPG battling the shopping hordes instead of enjoying small-ball chasing ; eitherway it certainly feels cold enough here of a sudden to be late December, but as we've not yet had Bonfire Night then Christmas is months away (I wish...).
So for the time being, thanks for the kind wishes MPG but "bah humbug" ;-)
It IS a great song tho' and yes a nice Gloster accent, I do hope Lem turns out to be one of yours Ally, that recording's a little gem.


Personally I struggle to imagine there being two Charles Haywards b1828ish having the exact same parents names. Then again until last night I thought Arlingham a small hamlet and Hayward a fairly unusual name, which both prove what little I know !
So yes on the face of it I think he is your Charles. However we need more knowledge of his whereabouts and background occupation, a miner perhaps or a farmer if stayed in Arlingham ??.

Please Ally remind me where you are in the world, USA I think ?, and how/why your family got there from the Forest ?.

I see Williamstown Victoria, now a suburb of Melbourne, grew substantially during the 1850s Gold rush including an influx of miners from "Cornwall & California" = ??, the Forest too gained some Cornish miners.


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