HAYWARD Arlingham - Gloucestershire Christmas (Parish Records)

by alby65 @, Friday, October 11, 2013, 18:44 (2541 days ago) @ Jefff

Can't even begin to think of Christmas...we are planning Halloween and Thanksgiving (with a ton of birthdays in the middle of that)! I'm from New Jersey, USA!, born and bred! My husband is the Hayward born in Birmingham (his mother and brother and his one of his sons still live there).

John Hayward 1761 who married Elizabeth Rowles are the parents of
Charles Hayward 1796 who married Mary Knight are the parents of
William Hayward 1829 who married Mary Weston are the parents of
Joseph Hayward 1864 who married Emma Healy are the parents of
Joseph Hayward 1895 who married Florence French are the parents of
John Hayward who married Joan Bullock are the parents of

Mark Hayward - my husband!

He goes back to England quite often to visit with family and we snuck out with him last year to do some research. Now that I know more than I did than I plan on going back in either January or February to strictly do research (also will hop on over to Ireland where my family is from). Last visit we had the entire Hayward Clan and though we did wonder through some cemeteries (found Ellen "the witch" gravestone) it wasn't easy to really concentrate and take the time needed when you have 7 other people wanting to "eat"!!! So next trip I am solo and trying to get everything organized before I head out.


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