Tom TAYLOR born Alvington abt 1873 (General)

by Valx, Monday, April 29, 2019, 16:05 (546 days ago) @ Jefff

Yes Jeff a large pinch of salt with all the records as it's too easy to jump to conclusions unless you've seen the original doc's and even then it's easy to persuade yourself you've found the right person.

The only time I've been pretty sure is for unusual names, but as you say, common names like William, never mind John, Ann or Mary, are hard to narrow down.

Yes I did see those directory entries and hadn't spotted them when I posted my initial question. I will be exploring the resources more.

Just recently I've been trying to get family census info onto the lost cousins dot com website but as they only use 1841, 1881 and 1911 it's surprising how many slip through the net. Very inconsiderate of them to be born or die at the wrong times!

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